Meet Lydia & Ash


Our mission is to open up the conversation on sustainability, connecting real people to topics they care and are curious about without the jargon or BS.

But let’s rewind a few years back when we first met. We met while working at the Sustainable Restaurant Association, both in search of similar things: a great job with a purpose, getting to live a fun, London lifestyle in our early 20s, and being able to enjoy the journey.

Fast forward to 2019, having both been in the sustainability industry working with purpose-focused businesses, we felt there was an increasing amount of information out there but it was challenging to make sense of it all. We wanted to explore how to embed these values into our daily lives.

That’s when we founded Switch.

Join us as we chat about all things sustainability-related and how they intersect with our daily lives - from eating out, to what we wear, to the latest technology and more. We also bring in guests doing cool things for people and the planet.

Thanks for supporting us on our mission! Let us know what you think by emailing or click ‘Say Hello’ above.

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